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Teaneck Community Chorus
Chorus scenes

Photos by Leslie Young

The Teaneck Community Chorus was founded in 1999 to help bring the community together in celebration of diversity. Now, more than ever, we all need to learn to sing together, listen to one another and respect our differences. For its efforts, the Chorus received Teaneck’s highest honor for community relations: The 2013 Matthew Feldman Award.
» Our History & Mission

Artistic Director: Steven Bell Pianist: Beth Robin

Jazz Cabaret Night – A Benefit

event posterMay 3, 2014
7:30 – 10:30 p.m.

Join us at the Ethical Culture Society for an evening of jazz to benefit the Chorus.

Ethical Culture Society
687 Larch Ave.
Teaneck, NJ




Letter from the President:


It’s our 15th season and the chorus is excited about the musical themes we will be celebrating at our winter and spring concerts. And, once again, our annual Teaneck Teen Idol competition will highlight our talented teens.

As the recipient of the 2013 Matthew Feldman Award for outstanding contributions to the Teaneck Community, TCC continues to exemplify the diversity that is Teaneck through song and our commitment to good causes!

Please spread the word that the Teaneck Community Chorus is making great music and producing wonderful shows!

Finally, please show your support for TCC - give securely via PayPal! See you at our concerts!

Pamela K. Zeldin, President
Teaneck Community Chorus



A Season to Hit All the Right Notes!

May 18, 2014
Spring Concert:
Fire and Rain

The year is 1970. The changes that marked the sixties are coming to an end and times are changing fast. more »


MAY 26, 2014
Cedar Lane Festival

The Chorus will be performing at Teaneck's Memorial Day festival. A great event for the whole family!

JUNE 21, 2014

Come watch the Chorus perform at the annual celebration in Overpeck Park.