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Teaneck Community Chorus

Alzheimer's Symposium - June 3, 2017


KaypriKaypri - Actress/Writer/Producer/Literary Editor/Ghostwriter and Teaneck High School graduate - co-authored and completed her mother's autobiography I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know - A Southern White Woman’s Story About Race. The Dementia diagnosis of her mother, Dorothy Hamilton Marcus, made it impossible for Ms. Marcus to finish her book, so Kaypri, her daughter, achieved it. Out of that process, Kaypri wrote a play: The Good Daughter & The Do Gooder, and created a three minute film about caregiving entitled The Baton, which received an award from the AARP and was featured on their website and social media in 2016. Kaypri's story was featured in The Wall Street Journal in an article titled, The Unfinished Business of Alzheimer’s. Currently, Kaypri is finishing up the book, It Ain’t No Joke, A Caregiving Blueprint for the Hip Hop Generation & Beyond to assist her peers who have only just begun the caregiving journey themselves.

Kaypri has been a caregiver for her mother for ten years. She considers caring for her mother's story and sharing it with the world as her greatest literary accomplishment. You can keep up with her on her Facebook page Kaypri as well as @kaypri @dorothyknows on twitter and @kaypriactswrite on Instagram.